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Spy everything on a given smartphone, really

In case you’d need to remotely spy on someone’s What’sApp, Snapchat, Facebook or whatever happen on a cellphone, well you may found a few apps that can accomplish that. But, you won’t find so much that can do it so well without requiring a rooted device. You read it right. You’ll be able to use Spyzie to snoop on non-rooted Android devices or iPhone. Well, call it a monitoring solution. Obviously, this product is aimed at parents to monitor their kid’s mobile activities and to employers who may want to track down on procrastination. Fair enough.

The Senior Product Officer of Spyzie, Pete Yang, said, “Mobile phones may be a savior in many situations, but for parents and employees, they can be nothing but a hindrance. Employers often find their employees are severely distracted by their mobiles. Whether it be as a result of phone calls, text messages, or emails, with the average person touching their phone an astonishing 2,617 times every day, there’s little wonder that employers are finding productivity down.”

Let’s meet Spyzie the spy!

Spyzie track cellphone

Spyzie track pretty much everything happening on a smartphone.

First of all, you’ll notice while scrolling through the features that Spyzie is quite loaded. Oh, and we find it spies on all this in a pretty clean and straightforward interface.

There goes WhatsApp and Snapchat’s privacy. Welcome to the leaks!


Leak social media data anyone?

Now, Android.App is walking through the setup process in the video below.

In conclusion, sunday spy, leaker or hacker will find this app is quite a blessing. Oh well…

You can find out more about Spyzie’s monitoring solutions by visiting the website:

Also, you can try Spyzie by using the live demo:

Finally, we do not endorse our readers to spy on someone else’s without permissions. We wrote this article for informational purposes only. Please always respect the law and act responsibly.



How To Hack Into Voicemail

Today, we’ll try to cover the techniques used by unscrupulous people to hack into mobile phone voicemail. Following the News of The World Phone hacking scandal, there’s a growing demand for people who are afraid of getting hacked.

Here’s a short report that shows how fast and easy it could be to get into your personal voicemail:

Too many mobile operators don’t even ask for a password when calling voicemail from client’s mobile phone numbers. So, malicious people via services like TeleSpoof or SpoofCard use a technique called “spoofing” that changes thiefs phone numbers to trick the cell phone company into making them think that the voicemail’s owners is calling.

Here’s another short video that details this technique and shows you how to prevent these kind of attacks on your privacy.

There’s even a step by step guide on how to successfully hack into a cell phone voicemail box. Warning: This is for your personal security and informational purposes only. Don’t try this for malicious usages. May not work with all cell phones.

For a more informations about these techniques, check out what the guys at have done. It’s quite impressive.