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How To Hack Into Voicemail

How To Hack Into Voicemail

Today, we’ll try to cover the techniques used by unscrupulous people to hack into mobile phone voicemail. Following the News of The World Phone hacking scandal, there’s a growing demand for people who are afraid of getting hacked.

Here’s a short report that shows how fast and easy it could be to get into your personal voicemail:

Too many mobile operators don’t even ask for a password when calling voicemail from client’s mobile phone numbers. So, malicious people via services like TeleSpoof or SpoofCard use a technique called “spoofing” that changes thiefs phone numbers to trick the cell phone company into making them think that the voicemail’s owners is calling.

Here’s another short video that details this technique and shows you how to prevent these kind of attacks on your privacy.

There’s even a step by step guide on how to successfully hack into a cell phone voicemail box. Warning: This is for your personal security and informational purposes only. Don’t try this for malicious usages. May not work with all cell phones.

For a more informations about these techniques, check out what the guys at have done. It’s quite impressive.


  1. how do you use the spoof account? it asks for your number, a friends number, then a third one. It wont let you list the friends number twice. Isn't the purpose of the number in the caller id to match the one being called? I'm lost

  2. Val, I have been using the spoofcard for 1 month now and have been successfully getting into my boyfriend's voice mail, However, as of yesterday something changed, it no longer lets me put in the same number twice. I get an error message saying that the number Im using is restricted. So my guess is that the functions have been dissabled.

  3. I think it's the fake number that you want to show up on that persons phone

  4. can some one tx me n tell me how to hack into a voice mail i aint got sound on my comp. 2247303384

  5. Im really curious about this.. i was calling my husbands cell today from my moms house phone and i called a couple times *he was at a loud place* Then all of a sudden.. i was taken to his voicemail box.. and could hear all his voice mail.

    I have no clue how i did it.. honestly.. i didnt push anything different.. I dont think?

    How did that happen?? (thats why im on this site) trying to get answers. Lol


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